Abduaziz Karimov 

Abduaziz Karimov

AF Industries Sdn. Bhd. (8...M)

Managing Director в "AF Industries Sdn. Bhd. (8...M)"

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Страна: Малайзия
Виды деятельности: Производитель, переработчик, Ингредиенты, Импорт, экспорт, Услуги, Оборудование, упаковка, Другие виды деятельности
Типы продукции: Вода, Вода минеральная, Соки, Растворимые напитки


AFZ Group of Companies established from its main company, factory and distribution centre in Uzbekistan which is a leading food and beverage group in Central Asia since 2005.

AF Industries Sdn. Bhd. is a member of AFZ Group of Companies having its first Malaysia Headquarters incorporated in July 2009 and was established to grow the business further in Malaysia and other region.

Under the AFZ Group of Companies, we provide a wide range of services under the food & beverage processing industry from supplies of complete line for beverage machinery, raw material and ingredients for beverage industry, own manufacture and markets a wide range of beverages under its own ‘JTea’ and ‘Drops’ brands.

Backed by over 5 years of experience in the food & beverage industry, AFZ Group is ready to enter in the F&B scene of Malaysia & Asia Pacific.

The AFZ Group of Companies has realized its overseas expansion and started from its Malaysia Headquarter to successfully setup Beijing and Shanghai offices. We are planning to expend across Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

In Malaysia, its flagship beverages are Premium Ice Tea under the brand of ‘Jtea’ – ‘Ice Tea and Ice Green Tea with Natural Peach Juice or Lemon Juice', which both rank to be No. 1 choices in their respective categories.


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